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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is Coinpressions?

Coinpressions is an Advertising/Income Community where online entrepreneurs like you can purchase advertising credits and earn via our referral compensation plan


Who will see my ads?

Your ads will be seen primarily by other online entrepreneurs like you who are actively involved in the industry and may be interested in another online business like yours


So are you saying that Coinpressions provides a very targeted audience to view my ads?



How many ads will I get in the Coinpressions Community?

You will get 10,000 Text Ad Impression and 10,000 Banner Ad Impression Credits Each Month


What is the Monthly Fee?

The Monthly Fee is $29.95


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Bitcoin and will soon accept Payza and some of the more popular “Alt Coins” 


Do I have to set up a subscription with Payza?

Nope!  Once Payza is available your monthly subscription will be taken from your available funds every 30 days so make sure that you have enough funds on


How do I pay my monthly subscription with Bitcoin?

See answer directly above


I’m kind of forgetful and would hate to miss my monthly subscription and lose my position in the matrix. Do you send out reminders?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll send multiple reminders to you if you have less than $29.95 in your account


What is the commission structure of the compensation plan?

It’s very simple and very lucrative


How about some details?

The core compensation plan is a personally forced 3x10 Matrix where active members earn $10 for referrals (Direct or via spillover) on their first level and $1 for each active member on their 2nd through 10th level


What about direct referrals? Is there a bonus for direct referrals?

Absolutely!  We pay a matching bonus of 25% of the matrix earnings for your direct referrals.


Wow! That means that I could conceivably earn down as many as 20 levels, right?

Yep! You seem to know your comp plans quite well


Okay, what is this Break Even Pool (“BEP”) I’ve heard about and how does it help me?

The BEP is a very cool Coinpressions system that provides valued members with monthly rebates until they have reached the “breakeven point” (i.e. $29.95 in monthly earnings)


Can I earn more than $29.95 in a month from the BEP?

Nope! The purpose of the BEP is to provide you with a bit of cash flow help until you reach that breakeven point only


Do all members participate in the BEP?

Only Active Paid Members are able to participate in the BEP


Why did you create the BEP?
To help our entire community.  Many leaders are able to refer dozens or hundreds of people but most people need a little time and help to get a few referrals. So, with the BEP, we provide our members with a little financial help to “stay with it” for a few months as they work to reach the breakeven point.


Well, I don’t mean to be rude but, isn’t having a goal of just “Breaking Even” kind of silly?

Ah, but you are missing the point.  It’s not about YOU breaking even, it’s about helping all of those on your team, in your downline to break even.  As they hit break even your matrix becomes more stable with less attrition and YOU begin to make money, perhaps MUCH more money.

How much money can I make?

The mathematical potential is $88,599 a month PLUS your 25% matching bonus on the matrix earnings of your direct referrals


Wow! Now I’m beginning to see the vision.  By helping lots of people “Break Even” we build a large and stable matrix that can throw off huge amounts of income!

Now you got it!


What about free members, can they earn and are they placed in the matrix?

Yes, free members are able to earn the 25% matching bonus but they can not directly earn in the 3x10 matrix because they are not placed in the matrix until they become a paid member.


When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid daily (M-F) within 2 business days of the request. (i.e. if you request commissions on Monday you’ll receive them by Wednesday or sooner).


How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid by Bitcoin


Are there any fees for withdrawals?

Yes, we charge a flat $3.00 processing fee to help cover our payment processor fees which can vary widely based on market conditions. Coinpressions reserves the right to adjust the processing fee if market conditions change. 


Is there a minimum withdrawal?

Yes, it’s $10


Are there any other important rules related to withdrawals?

Yes, our system is set up to allow you to withdraw any and all funds above a $29.95 balance. This is designed to create a bit of a “subscription buffer” for you.


When is the BEP Paid/distributed to members?

The BEP is distributed between the 5th and 10th to those qualified to participate from the preceding month.


Do I qualify to participate in the BEP right away?

You will qualify to receive a rebate through the BEP after your first renewal subscription and it will be credited to your account as noted above. Please note, the BEP is based on matrix earnings and matching matrix pay for the calendar month.