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Coinpressions Upgrades!


We are pleased to announce substantial improvements to the Coinpressions Compensation Plan effective March 1st, 2018.


These improvements will provide greater rewards for sponsors actively engaged in helping us grow our community, allow all members the opportunity to MORE Money Faster and provide a much quicker “breakeven” point for the monthly subscription fee.


We all know that it’s frustrating to continually chase after various “one-time payment programs” where we have to build teams over and over again to earn. The power and promise of a residual income program where you can Build Once and Earn Again and Again is the smarter way to build and earn.


And, here in the Coinpressions Community we even provide a “Feeder” program in Coinpressions2 which allows us all to create TWO income streams to build both our “One Off” income and our Residual Income. 


So, let’s take a look at the Coinpressions Improvements that will be effective on March 1st and how you can leverage Coinpressions2 into creating Residual Income here at Coinpressions:


A New $10 Direct Referral Fee is Being Added – which will provide MUCH greater incentive all members, especially leaders and list owners, to continue to promote Coinpressions. The $10 Direct Referral Fee will be a Recurring Monthly Reward so it will be very simple to quickly build a residual monthly income while your residual matrix income grows.  Yep, faster income potential!


More Income Faster in the Matrix – is generated by pushing more commission up higher in the matrix.  In the previous Coinpressions Compensation Plan, our members earned $1 per downline member per month. In the Upgraded Compensation Plan, we are paying as much as $6 per downline member in the upper 6 levels providing for the opportunity to earn $5,000 a month a LOT faster with a LOT less downline members (This is HUGE!)


Faster Breakeven – is accomplished by having BOTH a $10 direct referral fee and a $10 commission for sales on your first level of the 3x10 matrix. Just two direct referrals now gets you to Breakeven or just one direct referral and a full first level.  Fast Breakeven is the key to long-term growth and sustainability and the Coinpressions Upgraded Compensation Plan provides that!


No More Break Even Pool (B.E.P.) – We found that the Breakeven Pool was not being successful in providing assistance to members while they built their team. Rather, many people were looking for a free handout, a way to ride the coattails of others which is the not the way to build a dynamic vibrant community.  We believe in rewarding our members for helping us Grow Our Community rather than providing Handouts to the Lazy.  Now, with the $10 direct referral Commission, we are providing HUGE rewards to those who help us build and simultaneously create residual income for themselves and their family.


25% Matching Bonus Replaced by the $10 Direct Referral Fee – Means MORE money for active referring members as noted above.


Price Change to $39.95/month Effective March 1st – Allows us to more handsomely reward our serious, active members and, coupled with the “Feeder” functionality of Coinpressions2, provides for a “no excuse” system to allow ANYone, ANYwhere around the world to build a substantial residual income while benefitting from top-notch advertising credits to a targeted audience month after month


$10 Monthly Rebate to Existing Coinpressions Subscribers – for the months of March, April and May. This bonus rebate for all members who have an active Subscription as of February 28th will provide you with a bit of a jump start to build your downline, earn more $10 direct referral fees and build that residual income. This Monthly rebate will be credited to the accounts of active subscribers on March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st so as to assure that your net cost is only $29.95 for those months. But, You MUST have an active subscription in place on February 28th to receive this monthly rebate for those three months


Check Out the New Compensation Plan Below – and feel free to post any questions or comments in our Private Facebook Group.